Stephen Comley Sr. is on a mission to raise awareness about nuclear safety. Learn more about the issues he cares most about through his articles and videos pages.

Stephen Comley Sr.’s mission to raise awareness and bring about change to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission started after a conversation with a resident, Gene (pictured above) at his family owned nursing home. Paralyzed, Gene asked what the evacuation plan would be if there was an emergency at the nearby nuclear plant. Comley sought out an answer for Gene, and it was an answer that he could not stand by. The NRC declared that in an emergency, the most vulnerable patients would be left behind. From this, Comley has sought out aid from the press, presidents and other top officials to expose the faulty measures and parts harvested by the NRC.


This picture shows proof that an exchange took place between Stephen Comley Sr. and former President Reagan, despite denial from the White House. Stephen Comley Sr. is shown providing Reagan with evidence about Counterfeit Substandard Parts built in U.S. nuclear plants.