• Stephen Comley Sr.


You have a responsibility in this life. A responsibility to speak the truth as you know it to be. Lies produce chaos, and chaos breeds discontentment and disconnection. Lying is often expedient; it gets you what you want at the moment (or gets you out of something you don’t want to be in), but it seldom produces the results we desire. In fact, it never contributes to the greater good. The result of untruth is more untruth; until a complicated and finely-cloaked web of lies must be weaved in an attempt to fabricate that which must remain hidden. Lies are cowardice and destructive. A wolf only masquerades as a lamb because it lacks the confidence to strike the flock boldly.

If you could produce a physical manifestation of the information on Google, you’d find punch cards lined up three miles ahead of you. Information on the internet grows every day with no end in sight. There is more information available at our fingertips today than ever before, and this is in part our dilemma. How do you find truth in a world of digital smoke and mirrors? How do you find truth in an age that is dominated by so many lies?

You must engage. You must learn to discern. You must learn to think critically and weigh the potential outcomes. Lady Justice holds a scale in her hand so she can weigh the statements, accusations, and promises thrown her way. You are to embody the spirit of liberty; the spirit of freedom must be your guide.

Now and again, you may hear someone say they are not interested in politics. The truth is, no one has that luxury.

Every day, we face onslaughts from the media that posit promises of pedantic wish-fulfillment by lifelong politicians. You must engage in politics because the story of this country is the story of you. More than that, the story of this world is the story of what you did to help bring about truth, justice, and peace. Some research concludes that 7 out of 10 Americans believe the current political divide to be as bad as it was during the Vietnam war. Many are asking how we can heal this divide? How do we welcome our estranged brothers and sisters, from whatever their political stance is, back into the fold of unity on the essentials and liberty on the peripherals?

The answer is simple, but it’s one that requires a lifetime of work.

You must learn to speak the truth and think with discernment. In short, you must engage, and this means engaging with the current political system. I’ve spent the better half of 40 years working to expose the lies that govern so much of our society. I’ve lost friends and loved ones, but I’ve kept pressing forward. Why? Because the truth is all we have. And the truth will set us free. But how will they know the truth if they never hear it? And how will they hear it if no one tells them? You have a responsibility now. A responsibility to engage with the political system you find yourself in. Begin to engage in your places of education and employment, speak with your friends and families.

Chances are, you’re unhappy with the current state of political affairs in this country. So, do something about it! Learn to take responsibility for yourself, sharpen your character, and try to transcend and help the world in the process. The future of this country is in your hands. Will you let it slip through your grip and shatter?

Until next time,

Stephen C.

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