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The positive benefits of volunteering in your community are endless. Not only does it help those in need, but it is good for your own well-being as well. Volunteering your time to organizations in your community improves people’s lives by assisting them meet basic needs and providing services for more profound issues. In this new year, make it a priority to donate your time to make a difference to those around you. While doing so, you may discover new interests and a deeper understanding of the issues you are most passionate about.

Volunteering is a great way to dive into social advocacy and raise awareness for what you believe in. Here are five ways you can volunteer and become a social advocate for your community.

Advocate for environmental issues

There are several ways you can share your advocacy for the environment in your local community:

  • Create a compost bin and discuss the benefit to friends, family, and neighbors

  • Organize community clean-up events to pick up trash in the local parks

  • Teach youth groups how to garden and plant vegetables

  • Educate the community about the importance of recycling and organize safe disposals for items such as batteries

  • Volunteer with nature organizations to help clear walking trails

Help the homeless and hungry

One of the greatest feelings is providing someone with a warm meal. Here are a few of the best ways to help those who are hungry or without a home:

  • Donate time a local soup kitchen

  • Provide non-perishable food to food shelters or organize a food drive

  • Put together toiletry kits for shelters

  • Donate gently used clothing

  • Join an organization where you can provide career and life-skill assistance

Support education efforts

Education laws are a frequent topic of conversation among many. If you feel deeply about the importance of education, there are many ways you can start your advocacy at a local level:

  • Collect and donate books or create a free book library

  • Hold a backpack drive so all kids can receive free backpacks before school starts

  • Donate school supplies to schools

  • Volunteer as a tutor for school children

  • Participate in adult education programs and help adults develop skill sets

Aligning your passion and social advocacy with volunteer opportunities is a great way to begin making a difference and raising awareness for important issues not just in your community, but in society as a whole. As we enter 2019, make it a priority to advocate for what you believe in. One person is all it takes to begin making a difference.

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