• Stephen Comley Sr.


As the holiday season comes to fruition, many of our lives become busy with preparations for family gatherings, festivities, and more. This time of the year is a time for people to reflect on everything they are thankful for, evaluate their values, and set new goals for the upcoming year. It is as important as ever for our youth to stand up for what they believe in, speak out, and help make a difference in our world. This new year, I encourage everyone, especially youth, to take time and set a New Year’s resolution to become engaged with what they believe. Now is the time. Here are just a few ways youth can become engaged with activism.

Do research and share your findings.

Often, some of the best ways to reach youth are for them to learn from other students. Youth should feel empowered to research the subjects and issues they learn about and become passionate for. When valuable knowledge is obtained, it is natural for us to want to share it with others. Some of the best ways to spread this knowledge is by teaching. There are a ton of ways youth can share their knowledge and passions. School assemblies, community forums, and church groups are all great places for students to share their findings. Other opportunities can include expression through art, whether that be through theater, poetry, or paintings, social media platforms, and even in-class discussions.

Run for student council.

Running for office through the student council can be extremely beneficial for students. It allows them to have an impact on their classmates and school and provides them with invaluable experience about important issues and how the government works, on a small scale of course. Students will gain important skills in communication, organization, and building relationships. Student government is an excellent way for youth to start becoming involved in politics and can help them formulate their own positions and values.

Demonstrate or advocate for legislation.

One of the best ways for youth to express themselves is by demonstrating or becoming an advocate for legislation. Change can come in a variety of ways, but sitting back and doing nothing will not help your cause. By participating in a demonstration or advocating for legislation, youth can become empowered by joining a larger movement of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the same issues. Before participating, students should take time to evaluate what their goals are and what they hope to accomplish by participating, should review any safety precautions necessary, and should take the time to do the appropriate research before setting out.

Raise money.

Consider creating a fundraiser or raising money to contribute to an organization that addressed the injustice you would like to support. Whether youth come together to sponsor an event, hold a bake sale, auction, or even put on an entertainment production, any little bit of money raised does wonders raise awareness to the cause they are concerned with and allows youth to become a part of something bigger.

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