• Stephen Comley Sr.


Over the past decade, youth-led movements have raised awareness and brought social change to many crucial issues in our country. Increasingly, schools are welcoming peaceful protests and demonstrations as part of the students’ personal and professional leadership development. There are many positive benefits of becoming a student activist. Not only is it a great way to get your voice heard and stand for what you believe it, but it can provide a lot of experience and connections for the student’s professional career. The following are steps one can take to become a student activist:

Find your passion

The first thing a student needs to do is figure out what issues they are most passionate about. Often, this is something that aligns with your interests, morals, and values. Whether it is fighting for social issues pertaining to the environment, racism, equality, safety, etc., it is crucial that you stand up for something that motivates you to make a difference.

Do research

Once you decide you want to stand for a specific cause it is important that you spend time researching the issue. It’s best to research both sides of a topic to become fully informed. Many social issues are constantly changing, so it will be important to stay up to date on what factors are evolving and what is currently being done or not being done to fight for the cause.

Develop a goal

Once you have figured out what you are passionate about and have conducted ample amounts of research, it is time to decide how you will make an impact. Even the smallest acts can add up over time. A few helpful starting points could be volunteering your time with a local organization that supports your social issue, making a donation, sharing sources on social media, or even joining or starting a club at your school.

Find helpful resources

Chances are, there are others who share the same passion as you. Peer groups and faculty advisors are a great way to get a club started and gain more numbers behind the work you’ll be doing to support a worthy mission. Many organizations also have national groups that can provide resources for getting involved.

Don’t get discouraged

Change usually does not occur overnight. It is valuable to remember that change can be a slow process, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Over time, even the smallest acts can add up to something big. Keeping pushing on with what you believe in!

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