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Today’s political climate is beginning to see a shift in leadership. As what is becoming the largest generation in the U.S., millennials are beginning to overtake baby boomers, outnumbering all other generations in the labor force, including politics. The newly elected congress, containing several young women of diverse backgrounds, further demonstrates the importance of youth standing up for what they believe in and shows the youth of America that they too can make a difference. Here is a brief synopsis of how millennials, specifical women, will reshape politics in the coming years.

Many of the new congresswomen have had to deal with their fair share of criticism and name calling. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been called a “little girl” and has listened as many doubt her authority and experience. Despite the harsh feedback she has faced, Ocasio-Cortez continues to display her passion and determination for making the world a better place for all. While many of her critics continue to focus on her age, Ocasio-Cortez uses it to her power. In a country that wants to see change, the young congresswomen has the power to relate to younger audiences, while being knowledgeable about the changes in technology and social media, which she has used to her advantage to connect with millions of people across the country. The need for younger people in Congress is imperative to add valuable perspectives and change to our country.

Some of that change is evident through the new bills being proposed in Congress. Today, Congress now has the highest number of women and young people it has ever had. Many of these women are also young, working mothers. The demographics of working moms has nearly doubled in 2019. Studies show that these working mothers are more likely to sponsor family-focused bills and enact family-focused measures into law. Already early into 2019, we have seen the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act be reintroduced by Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Rosa L. DeLauro. The act proposes to guarantee 12 weeks of partially paid leave. As 2019 progresses, we can expect to see more bills affecting families and children as Congress hits a record number of working mothers with children at home.

Millennials are the generation that is excited to bring change through civic engagement. We have seen the impacts that social media platforms and organized marches have had on politics throughout the past few years. The level of involvement for our youth is critical in order to make a difference in our country. As millennials become the largest generation in the workforce, we will continue seeing a drastic, yet critical shift in politics.

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