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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Throughout history, youth activism has brought to light the voices of thousands of individuals passionate about making a change. Through movements, speeches, sharing stories and taking a stand, youth can have an extreme impact on social change. Whether it be the next twitter hashtag or march, we should accept youth involvement in politics as a positive and necessary voice in our country. Our future is through our youth. Through them, anything is possible.

It takes one person to step up to be an agent of change. Here are four youth activist who courageously stepped up to make a difference.

Malala Yousafzai

“….So change is possible and do not limit yourself, do not stop yourself, just because you are young.” An expert of an inspirational quote spoken by Malala. The youngest Nobel Peace Laureate, Malala is known worldwide for speaking out about girls education. After publicly speaking out about her fight for education, Yousafzai was shot in the head by Taliban in 2012. After recovery, Malala was determined to continue her fight. With her father, Malala established Malala Fund, a charity that works to provide 12 years of safe, free, education for girls all over the world. Along with her activism, today she is a United Nations Messenger of Peace and a published author. Yousafzai’s courageous journey is motivation for all to join in making a difference in our world.

Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez

Xiuhtezcatl is an environmental and climate activist. At the early age of six years old, Roske-Martinez began making a difference by speaking about environmental issues around the world. He has addressed United Nations General Assembly and the Rio+20 United Nations Summit and in 2013, served on President Obama’s youth council. He has traveled the world bringing attention to issues such as fracking, coal ash containment, and the use of pesticides. Today Roske-Martinez continues to raise awareness by combining activism into hip-hop and is the youth director of Earth Guardians, a worldwide conservation organization. His passion for protecting the planet is an inspiration for all.

Marley Dias

When Marley was just 11 years old, she launched a campaign #1000BlackGirlBooks after being frustrated that she couldn’t find many books with black girls as the main character. Her campaign goal was to collect 1000 books to donate to her peers. Since launching her campaign, she has collected over 10,000 books and has even published her own book to inspire activism. She has spoken alongside several influential people at the Women Summit, and has received several awards and recognitions for her work, including a spotlight on Forbes 30 under 30. Marley’s efforts have

Emma Gonzalez

After a mass shooting occurred at her Florida high school, Emma Gonzalez spoke out about gun control in our country. The powerful words spoken during her speeches have resonated with people throughout the country. Alongside her classmates, Emma has held several rallies for gun reform and has called on government officials to act on gun control laws. March for Our Lives, a non-profit organization was established by Gonzalez and her fellow students to raise awareness to gun reform and to fight back.

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