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All around the country we see more of our youth become interested and involved in politics and social issues. Through marches, protests, and social media, our youth are using their voices to raise awareness and make changes to several important topics in today’s media. For those entering college wanting to have a career in politics, it can be challenging to figure out the best major is to study. Below are six great degrees for pursuing a career in government.

Political Science

Consider a bachelors or masters degree in political science if you are interested in public policy and government bodies. A political science major focuses on how public policy is formed, political theories and developments, and the mechanics of politics and the government. Students in this major gain valuable experience in communication and research, in addition to computer and analytical skills.


Have you ever heard the saying “history repeats itself?” Having a solid understanding of American history and the history of other countries can prove to be very beneficial for individuals starting a career in politics. Not only does it increase your awareness of past mistakes and successes, but it also provides a good overview of the evolution of government policies. History majors will learn about historical and geographical eras and will develop strong critical thinking and research skills.

Foreign Affairs or International Relations

Studying international relations or foreign affairs provides students with an in-depth knowledge of our world and how societies interact with one another. Typically, topics covered include foreign trade and policy, political issues, and diplomacy. A bachelor, masters, or a doctorate degree are available for those wanting to increase their knowledge of foreign matters.

Business Administration

The skills learned from a degree in Business Administration can be extremely helpful for a career in government. Business Administration can assist you with managing and directing agencies and departments and can provide you with a strong financial background. Earning an MBA could lead you to a career managing finances for the federal government.


Understanding how society produces and sells goods and services can be very crucial to a career in politics. Economist are skilled in studying behavior and utilizing statistical analytics to investigate changes in the economy. They study resources produced in countries and how they are allocated. Students will develop a strong analytic background and communication skills.

No matter how you decide to further your education, there are many ways to become involved with politics and activism. Aside from pursuing one of the above degrees, most colleges offer a variety of different clubs that match issues students are most passionate about, whether that be women’s rights, environmental issues, social issues, etc. College is also a great time to intern or volunteer with local non-profits to gain experience and meet others with similar interests.

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