This letter provides NH Secretary of State William Gardner’s recollection of an incident that occurred on November 15, 2015. This incident occurred while U. S. Senator Sanders was answering questions from reporters after he filed his declaration of candidacy and paid the filing fee.  Members of Sanders National staff called the NH Concord Police to have Comley removed during Sanders press conference in an effort to discredit Comley’s run for the presidency. Additionally, all evidence of this incident has been missing. Comley has been informed by a confidential source within the NH Concord Police that even the call made to the Concord Station’s dispatch is now missing. This source is still investigating the incident and who the person or persons involved are who made the call to the Concord Police requesting the removal of Stephen B. Comley Sr. from U.S. Sanders Press conference. Local NH AP & Union Leader’s Dan Tuohy was present and said, “I am going to shake Bernie’s tree on this.” National Press including Fox’s Carl Cameron witnessed this incident but none of the media reported on it.  Following this incident the very next day, Comley was approached by Hearst’s NH WMUR TV Station 9’s investigative & political reporter, Adam Sexton, who stated, “Steve you know what the talk is, you were going to do a bomb scare.” Comley replied and said, “who told you that?” Sexton replied, “I can’t tell you.” Comley then said, “You had better tell me or I will subpoena you.” After appealing to over 30 NH & MA attorneys no one would represent me including the NH or MA ACLU.   


Comley Sr. is interviewed by NH Manchester Public Radio discussing the work of his National Whistleblower Protection group, We The People, which he foundered in 1987 to investigate cover-ups by the NRC of unsafe conditions at U.S. Nuclear Plants, including Seabrook Station in NH.  Comley also speaks about his 2020 Republican Presidential run and how other candidates and the media have attempted to discredit his goal to defeat Trump. These attempts by media are especially true in NH where the Sununus’ exercise their power & influence over the press.  One example of this is Comley’s suit against IHEART RADIO GIANT’s NH Station WGIR’S News Director Jack Heath & his producer, David Losh who lied about Comley carrying a gun & threatening Heath, which they stated in a Manchester Police Report. Police searched Comley and his car, but found no guns.  Another attempt by the press to keep Comley’s run for the Presidency out of the public eye was by the Boston Globe’s owner John Henry’s former private secretary, Ellen Clegg, who was also of Globe’s Editorial Staff. Ellen Clegg, took the place of the reporter Comley was previously waiting for in the Globe’s lobby to speak with.  Clegg motioned for Comley to join her in a private corner of the lobby & said, “We at the Globe have no interest in covering your 2020 Republican Presidential run or writing about WTP’s nuclear safety issues.”  Comley replied and said, “I knew that Ellen Clegg before entering the Globe lobby.”