Founder, We The People 

Stephen Comley Sr. is the Founder of We The People, a National Whistleblower Non-Profit Organization, and currently resides in Rowley, Massachusetts. Stephen Comley has been a leading nuclear safety advocate for several decades in the hopes of exposing the truth behind failing nuclear power plant and evacuation plan practices. Having a deep passion for the United States of America, and with a strong Christian faith, Stephen Comley has decided to take his life-long devotion to raise awareness of nuclear safety in our country.

Stephen Comley Sr.’s work has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, the CNN special, “Inside the NRC,” and the On Earth Special which was featured on 60 minutes. He has also worked with 60 Minutes reporters.

Stephen Comley Sr. was not always an advocate, and, in fact, he rarely considers himself one now. Comley was once the head of Sea View Rehabilitation & Extended Care Community, an organization that has been in the Comley family for over 80 years. His son, Stephen B Comley II, fourth generation, now operates the facility. Following an outcry of nuclear safety concerns, Stephen Comley Sr. began asking trusted officials about the best safety and evacuation plans for his assisted-living facility and was given inadequate and inhumane instructions instead of the safe and trustworthy plans he was hoping for. This prompted Stephen to look even further into nuclear safety practices.

Concerned for his residents and fellow Americans, Stephen Comley Sr. began devoting his time to uncovering lackluster information given out to the public from the Nuclear Regulatory Committee. He found evidence of faulty procedures and counterfeit parts used in the nuclear facilities themselves and has spent over 30 years trying to bring justice to the Americans at risk of such dangerous practices. Stephen Comley has reached out to dozens of Government officials, including such dynamic figures as President Trump and former Presidents Reagan and Obama. To his disappointment, his journey to create a national buzz about the dangers of the NRC have not been met with the same passion as his own. Stephen Comley is determined to change this through his Presidential campaign.

Having spent the majority of his life risking his own safety and the safety of his loved ones in order to uncover what he believes to be a violation of human safety rights, Stephen Comley Sr. has found hope in the youth of America. He sees the bright and strong-willed generations that have come after him making real change through protest and outreach and is eager to encourage their efforts. He knows that youth activism can have an incredible impact on the United States government and beyond. Stephen often visits colleges to speak on behalf of We The People and to educate others about nuclear safety. He is hopeful that the youth of America will recognize his passion for doing what’s right and that they will join him in changing the course set by the current administration in the White House.